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Network audio and video Business expert

Our team are experts who have been deeply involved in the audio and video businesss for many years to provide you with services.

Audio and Video involved business

redefining the user experience

The participation of audio and video has brought new vitality to the industry


Live online classrooms allow students to learn anytime and anywhere.


The application of audio and video interactive technology in commercial activities significantly improves the user’s paid conversion rate

Gaming and Entertainment

Provide real-time audio and video interaction experience with friends in the game to make the game more interesting.


Time and space will no longer separate family and friends.


Reallocate medical resources through telemedicine services so that patients receive timely help.

Future of work

Anybody could share themself desktop during real-time meeting.

Features needs for a complete real-time audio

and video experience

Integration in your business

All features can be integrated into your business by way of sdk.

Video Calling

Every text, image, icon or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it & applying the customisation options you want. 

Cloud Recording

Real-time cloud recording that is not limited by local resources

Audio Calling

Noise reductiton echo supperssion during audio calls


Massive real-time signaling

Interactive Whiteboard

Distributed interactive whiteboard


Support public chat and private chat mode.Sensitive words can be filtered

We strictly protect user data security and personal privacy

We follow the following international data security standards

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